Once upon a time, there was that had it's dark dark visions...

It had no voice and no power to express itself until it possessed some human husk.

Once it had realized that it can give shape to its visions, it started expanding outward in all directions simultaneously, projecting its visions through music, painting, and interactive art. So this is how Mothnest was born, as an iteration of the visions of the dormant darkness…

Gothic embellishments aside, Mothnest began in 2015, as a Facebook page for the visual arts of Alia Synesthesia. Drawing my inspirations from folklore, music, and world mythologies, I create original digital art as well as posters, flyers and album covers for Toronto music scene.

What Makes My Art Unique?

I am a synesthetic, which means, my perceptions of music, visual art, sensations, feelings, and storytelling are all inter-connected in one jolly orgy of excited neurons.

When I am creating album artworks for bands, or flyers/posters for music events, I make sure to familiarize myself with the band’s release, because I use my synesthesia to connect to music and translate/interpret it in a visual form.

Are You Open For Commissions?

Yes I am! The best way to contact me is via contact form here or on Facebook. 

Where can I see your work?

Where Can I see Your Work?

If you live in Toronto and attend local shows, chances are, you have already stumbled upon my posters and designs without realizing it.

For more in-depth explorations and samples, please visit my art gallery page (with original artworks) or flyer/poster page to browse my event works. 

Image Gallery

Event Flyers and Posters